In China presented a model of "competitor" ISS

China's New'Heavenly Palace Is Its Space Station As ISS Days Numbered

Bagged your 8K TV? You can now watch 8K video of space on it

The core module, Tianhe, or Harmony of Heavens, will have three parts: the connecting section, life-support and control section, and resources section.

Roscosmos said Tuesday that one of three computers in the station's Russian module has failed. There will also be a hatch for astronauts' extravehicular activities.

Engineers who previously sent high-definition (HD) cameras, 3D cameras, and a camera capable of recording 4K footage to the International Space Station, delivered the new 8K camera to the station in April aboard the 14th SpaceX cargo resupply mission through a Space Act Agreement between NASA and RED.

The size of the Chinese space station ISS less. Next, about four manned spaceflights will be made to send astronauts to assemble the station.

Chinese authorities aim to complete the assembly of the space station by 2022 with a projected lifespan of around ten years. China has said it plans to let space agencies from other governments use the station for experiments.

Several global space agencies launched the main module and first components of the ISS into space over two decades ago.

The station will be able to carry more than 10 tons of scientific and experimental equipment.

China will then have the only space station in orbit, though it will be much smaller than the ISS which weighs 400 tonnes and is as large as a football pitch.

The country announced in May that the lab would be open to "all countries" to conduct science experiments.

China just showed the world that it's upping its space exploration game with the introduction of the Tiangong Space Station. Beijing has received 40 from 27 countries and regions, proposals that still need to be the subject of a selection, reported in October, State television CCTV.

The agency also stressed that there was no need to replace the computer, however it will be rebooted ahead of the arrival of Progress space freighted to the ISS.

The asian giant will become "one of the great powers of space", but Russia, Japan and India will continue to play a "major role" and "the United States remains the space power dominant" at the present time, writes Bill Ostrove.

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