Google Chrome 71 Will Block Abusive Ads, Among Other New Features

Google Chrome ad blocking settings

Google Chrome ad blocking settings

The Chrome 71 update is an extension of it, aiming to stop forced redirections, as it will simply determine if a website contains "abusive" ad content.

The next version of Google's Chrome browser will attempt to stamp out misleading and invasive ads from a shady group of websites.

The ads can certainly be annoying, but Google is also warning that fraudsters have been using some of the ads in phishing schemes to steal people's personal information. Chrome 71 will automatically blacklist websites that continuously put out abusive behavior.

In the next version of the Chrome browser 71 will be a function of blocking all ads on the site.

The behaviors deemed abusive cover a range of user-hostile things, such as ads that masquerade as system error messages, ads with fake close boxes that actually activate an ad when clicked, phishing, and malware. Hence the new Chrome's update that is expected to be rolled out by December, will prevent sites with these types of abusive experiences from opening new windows or tabs.

Google Chrome 71 will seek to help you get rid of these malicious ads by punishing website owners who publish such content, by removing all bulk ads. The search giant will be punishing websites with "abusive advertisements" by not blocking them but by hiding all the ads. This includes points on the page that are transparent or non-visible yet open an unexpected ad when clicked.

Google added that users will be able to disable the ad filtering through browser settings.

Google previously tried to fight this problem by issuing a set of protections within Chrome which blocked pop-ups and new window requests from sites with certain abusive experience.

Auto Redirect: Ads or page elements that auto-redirect the page without user action.

Following its own internal investigations into abusive web practices, Google claims to have identified the tactics used.

What do you think about this protection from Chrome? But it's likely a prudent idea to check your site in the Abusive Experiences Tool to check if anything is flagged by Google as abusive.

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