Xiaomi launched AirPods clones called AirDots

Xiaomi Releases AirDots Wireless Earbuds With Bluetooth 5.0

XiaomiAirDots are an affordable Apple AirPods alternative priced at around $29

The AirDots Youth Edition looks very similar to Apple AirPods apart from the name, as they come with a minimalist white design and a very small size with a number of surprising features.

At $169, the AirPods are a lot more affordable than we'd have thought initially, but Xiaomi will further lower the price entry if you're shopping for wireless headphones. These also include tappable controls, and a compact charging case as well.

For around $29 (199 yuan), the AirDots are available for pre-order in China, although, according to the Verge, those people looking for a similar quality experience offered by Apple are likely to be left disappointed.

The AirPods are, without a doubt, one of the best products Apple launched in the last couple of years. Notably, the version that will go for sale in China at the earliest will be the AirDots Youth Edition. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation from Xiaomi as to when its new products can be expected in the Indian or global markets.

Xiaomi has claimed that by equipping these new earphones with Bluetooth 5.0, the single ear disconnections problem with wireless headsets has been solved to a greater extent. These new AirPods come with model numbers A2031 and A2032 which could correspond to the left and right AirPod with the models having already completed the Bluetooth Qualification process. By just a finger touch on the touch zone users of the Mi AirDots will be able to enable or disable the voice assistant, play or pause songs, or even answer or reject a call. Moreover, if the earbuds are powered on, keeping them inside the case powers them off automatically. The AirDots Youth Edition can provide a continuous music playback of up to four hours. You can reserve a pair today, sales start on November 11.

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