Bizarre: Virat Kohli asks fan to leave India over minor reason

Virat Kohli sparks controversy after he asks fan to 'leave' India

‘I don’t think you should live in India, go and live somewhere else’: Virat Kohli lashes out at fan

India skipper Kohli who was rested from the T20 series against the Caribbean celebrated his first Diwali after marriage with wife Anushka following their visit to Haridwar just a few days ago during his 30th birthday. Why are you living in our country and loving other countries?

It seems to have worked Kohli who responded by saying, "Okay, I don't think you should live in India then... you should go and live somewhere else, no?"

Virat Kohli's response has not gone down well with many on social media as fans took to micro-blogging site Twitter to slam Indian skipper for his comment. I don't mind you not liking me but I don't think you should live in our country and like other things. "Get your priorities right", Kohli said. Swamy took to Twitter and his post read, "What is wrong if Virat Kohli tells a questioner (who tells him that he enjoys watching foreign cricketers more that Indian cricketers) that he should migrate overseas?" Social media users were quick to point out Kohli's "arrogance" and believed Tendulkar, with whom Kohli is compared these days, would have never reacted like Kohli.

Harsha Bhogle, a prominent cricket commentator and journalist, also weighed in on the controversy.

In 2016, when India's federal government cancelled 86% of the country's currency, Kohli called it the "greatest move" he has ever encountered in politics.

Some might say that there is so much more at stake for them given that Kohli is India's captain.

The statement, he writes, is "probably an extension of the nationalist narrative that modern India tries to propagate".

Kohli last played in the five-match ODI series against West Indies where he scored three centuries and became the fastest cricketer to 10000 ODI runs.

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