Three strong earthquakes off coast of Vancouver Island

2 powerful earthquakes strike near Port Hardy, Canada

Two earthquakes hit off coast of Canada within minutes of each other

ISLAND, B.C- Multiple strong earthquakes have hit off Vancouver Island tonight. And each took place at a depth of around 10 km, the same depth as the three 6.5+ earthquakes.

The depth of the largest is about 6 miles and it struck about 149 miles west of Tofino, British Columbia.

A magnitude 6.8 quake struck northwest of Canada's Vancouver Island late Sunday, according to the United States Geological Survey.

The US Geological Survey said the preliminary 6.6-magnitude quake was 6.8 miles deep, about 135 miles southwest of Port Hardy, a town on the northeastern end of Vancouver Island.

USGS geophysicist Amy Vaughan told The Associated Press that the quakes were lightly felt onshore.

There was no initial word on damage or injury resulting from the quakes. Tsunamis were not expected after the events. Two people died in the quake, which also caused severe damage in the area.

Scientists think that region is overdue for a massive natural disaster, on the scale of 9.0 or greater.

The earthquakes centered about 355 miles northwest of Seattle. By comparing the tree rings of dead trees with those still living they could tell when the last of these great earthquakes struck the region.

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