NYPD pulls thousands of body cameras after one caught fire, exploded

The NYPD pulled nearly 3,000 body cameras after one exploded police said

The NYPD pulled nearly 3,000 body cameras after one exploded police said

The officer was wearing the body camera during a midnight shift in the 121st Precinct on the northwestern shore of Staten Island when he noticed smoke coming from the bottom of the device late Saturday night, according to the Police Department.

Almost 3,000 body cameras are being pulled off the streets after one exploded inside a Staten Island precinct overnight, NY1 has exclusively learned.

As a result, the department has suspended the use and distribution of the LE-5 model cameras effective immediately, police said.

Nobody was injured but the NYPD said all 2,990 of its cameras of that model would be taken out of service as a precaution. It then exploded, the NYPD said in a statement.

The NYPD pulled almost 3,000 body cameras after one exploded, police said.

The Chicago Police Department, another major city police department which uses thousands of body cameras, said they use a different vendor than the NYPD.

An investigation revealed the battery inside the camera was to blame - a defect made it ignite.

"The cause and the scope of the defect are now being investigated", police officials said in a statement. The NYPD says the issue forcing LE-5 cams to be suspended has not affected the other model.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has said he wants every patrol officer to wear a body camera by the end of 2019. "We will do whatever is necessary to quickly and safely resolve this situation", it told the news site Engadget.

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