Unvaccinated child dies from flu in Florida

Pediatricians suggest getting flu shot by Halloween

Pediatricians suggest getting flu shot by Halloween

"The flu can be a very deadly disease especially as we get older", he said.

Pharmacists can now offer the flu shot to people five years and older; previously, pharmacists weren't permitted to provide the shot to Albertans nine years old or younger.

On the positive side of things, 68 per cent of parents believed that the flu vaccine was the best way to prevent their children from getting the flu.

30 percent of parents feel flu vaccines are a conspiracy. "The chances are the flu vaccine will lessen the severity of the cold".

The survey has not been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

People still have a chance to get a free flu shot.

Moorjani herself has encountered these sort of misconceptions in her practice.

Read through to see Dr. Moorjani's reasoning behind why every healthy person in your family should get the flu shot. "What happened past year was one of the common A strains changed after the A strain was produced, so it was not as effective". "Get a flu shot; wash your hands; cover your cough, clean and disinfect surfaces and stay home if you become ill".

You can find out more about how to protect yourself from the flu and where to get the shot in Muskoka here.

And to be perfectly blunt, the vaccine, imperfect as it is, saves lives.

The study, co-authored by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), found pregnant women who received the flu shot reduced their risk of being hospitalized due to the virus by "an average of 40 percent". Not true. Flu vaccines contain either killed or weakened virus that are not capable of causing the flu.

'It's our responsibility to protect them, ' she said.

"Now is probably the best time to get a shot before going to Halloween parties and then with the holidays coming", Masood said.

"So past year there was a lot of concern that the virus's in the flu vaccine were not lining up with what we were seeing circulating in the southern hemisphere", says Beeler.

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