Cruz confronted by 2 protesters over his vote to confirm Kavanaugh

Liz Wolfe

The Five: Dems Like O'Rourke Adopt Tactics From Trump, Who They Claim to Despise

In a friendly profile in left-leaning Vanity Fair, Peter Hamby said he and a Texas beat reporter agreed the liberal enthusiasm for O'Rourke was "like Iowa in 2007" for then-Illinois Sen. Ted Cruz in Houston on Monday.

O'Rourke had previously suggested he'd support impeachment but went further Thursday, saying that, even as investigations into whether Trump colluded with Russian Federation continue, "I do think there's enough there for impeachment".

Amid criticism from Cruz about his position toward impeachment, O'Rourke was asked if he\ had changed his mind.

O'Rourke fielded audience questions for almost an hour. But until now, O'Rourke has tried to stay positive in his campaign ads.

The event came two days after O'Rourke scrapped his usual optimistic, bipartisan message and sharply criticized Cruz during a debate in San Antonio, even evoking a nickname that Trump bestowed on the senator when they were bitter rivals during the 2016 GOP primary, "Lyin' Ted".

"In the heat of the moment, perhaps I took a step too far", he said. "We can disagree while treating each other with respect, while treating each other with civility", he said.

Down in the polls with just a few weeks to go before Texans will cast their votes, Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-Texas) is getting into the mud against incumbent Sen. When asked to say something nice about his opponent, O'Rourke focused on Cruz's love for his family, and his genuine ambition to serve and do good by his country. Cruz is never mentioned once.

"It's a definitive no", he said.

If he doesn't win the Senate race, he said, "we're back in El Paso".

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