Jubilant customers light up as marijuana sales begin in Canada

A Watershed Marijuana Event: Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC) Makes The First Legal Export From Canada To US

NEW First Legal Recreational Cannabis in Canada Sold in NL

The day was historic for the country as Canadian adults will be able to legally smoke recreational marijuana after almost a century-long ban.

"'I don't need to be a criminal anymore, and that's a great feeling", said MacIsaac, who had been arrested for possession in 2001.

The Ontario Cannabis Store has had 38,000 orders since the site went live at midnight, Premier Doug Ford says.

"We have a lot of people that were anxious where they were going to be able to get a lot of this stuff because, as you know, as a recreational legal shop, you're not going to be able to get a lot of the stuff that we offer here", the co-owner said, referencing products such as edibles and CBD pain patches.

"I'm going to get some marijuana and I've been waiting 50 years for this", said Hubert Bergeron as he stood in line outside a retail cannabis store in Transcona operated by Tweed. "And my new dealer is the prime minister!"

As laws surrounding recreational marijuana slowly change state by state in the United States, Canada as a country has just legalized the substance. In Quebec, the legal purchasing age will be 18, and while citizens will also be permitted to carry up to 30 grams of the drug in public, the legal limit for possession on private property will be 150 grams.

There are different rules for different states.

Fire and Flower Chief Executive Trevor Fencott brought his wife and three children - 16, 13 and 6 - for the opening of a company pot shop in Edmonton, even though the law forbid his children from going inside. "There is a lot of talk about changing different bills going through the US congress", he said.

Canada became the largest country in the world Wednesday to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide, and there are new questions about the effects this will have on the United States. Over 100 people braved the cold and wind in the province's capital St. John's, lining up outside a Tweed-branded store owned by Canopy Growth Corp., the world's most recognised cannabis producer.

A patchwork of regulations has spread in Canada as each province takes its own approach within the framework set out by the federal government.

For now, Vancouverites (that are 19 years of age or older) will be able to purchase legal cannabis online, or by travelling to Kamloops to check out the only currently open brick-and-mortar store.

British Columbia, which plans both province-run and private outlets, has only one government store, 350 kilometers (220 miles) from its biggest city, Vancouver. You can't travel from Canada with marijuana on your person or in your luggage.

Canadians can travel with up to 30 grams of cannabis on domestic flights within Canada, but they cannot bring any of it with them when crossing global borders. It's now legal for them to light up.

"They stayed up all night working to fulfil the orders and I'm very, very proud of them", he said of those working on the web sales.

"I think more on a short-term basis we should have some cash to make sure we can allocate on a pullback", Taylor said.

Dr. Laurie Trautman, director of the Border Policy Research Institute at Western Washington University, believes the changes in Canada's cannabis laws have created the potential "for people to get caught up at the border in situations that they really didn't anticipate". "I mean, now we've heard of Canadians who, when they're crossing the border, if they get pulled aside for secondary inspection, they get follow-up questions and one of the questions can be 'Have you ever consumed pot?' And if you reply in the affirmative, even though it was maybe your college days decades ago, that could be grounds for you being prevented from crossing the border", Schmidt said.

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