Samsung Galaxy S10 might come with 6.6-inch display

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Samsung announces launch of new Galaxy A9

According to Korean website The Bell, next year's Galaxy Note 10 will be Samsung's biggest smartphone yet with a 6.66in OLED display, 0.26in larger than the screen found on the Galaxy Note 9 and, according to the report, biggest than next year's iPhone XS Max sequel. Note that while the iPhone XS Max has a 6.5” screen, due to the aspect ratio and the notch, the usable surface area is actually smaller than Note9s.

Before the test it was possible to guess that more stamina will Galaxy Note9, because the capacity of its battery better than the iPhone Xs Max.

The report doesn't tell us much else about the smartphone, but recent rumours suggest that Samsung is planning to remove the headphone jack on either the Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11. According to the latest information on this device, Note 10 would boast a bigger screen and, unfortunately for many users, no 3.5-mm jack for headphones.

Even though the Note 10 is about a year away and a lot could change between now and then, the display size is unlikely to change.

Samsung hasn't been afraid of increasing the display size of a device in the past and it looks like the company plans to continue that tradition. Neither Samsung nor Apple will probably go overboard in that regard. This is when answering a question about what phone to get out of a Pixel and a Galaxy.

Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its new Galaxy A9, on Saturday featuring the world's first rear quad camera. As already mentioned, Samsung is expected to make some more significant design changes when it comes to that phone, though chances are it will not sport a display notch, as the company still did not release a single phone with a notch, and some consumers really appreciate that. The Samsung Galaxy S9, which arrived earlier this year on the market, needed no less than 60 days to climb all the way up to the one million units peak.

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