Squadron 42: How Many Celebrities Can You Spot?

Star Citizen CitizenCon – New Features Detailed

Star Citizen flaunts another star-studded Squadron 42 trailer

Cloud Imperium Games has rolled out a new trailer for the single player portion of its ambitious and totally-coming-out sci-fi title Star Citizen.

The new trailer showed off all the big celebrities that will be lending their likenesses and voices to the game, in the trailer, we got to see Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Gary Oldman, Mark Strong, Henry Cavill, John Rhys Davies, Liam Cunningham, Ben Mendelsohn and more. Star Citizen is having its annual event gathering with fans and backers as well as the makers of the game to showcase the latest details that will be shipping shortly in version 3.3 which is now in testing with the advanced Evocati test group.

If you've ever wondered why development on Star Citizen is so slow, you only have to look at its latest new feature to understand why.

The action of the game takes place in 2945 year, when humanity has to face in hostile alien inhabitants.

Squadron 42 still doesn't have a release date (and neither does Star Citizen) but Star Citizen's 3.3 alpha recently launched and it adds several new vehicles, new weapons, FPS A.I. for combat missions, and other features such as "Object Container Streaming". Every new update has more features, more details, and more things.

However, the fact that this game has been in development for so long has led some to call the project "vapourware", saying Christ Roberts' baby will be stuck in development hell forever and never see the light of day.

To be honest, the cast that's been assembled for "Squadron 42" could actually make a pretty decent movie.

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