Gym offering free five-day pass for World Mental Health Day

RED BOX | MATT HANCOCKOctober 9 2018 12:01am The Times We owe it to everyone to put mental and physical health on an equal footing Matt Hancock

RED BOX | MATT HANCOCKOctober 9 2018 12:01am The Times We owe it to everyone to put mental and physical health on an equal footing Matt Hancock

"I am conscious of being alive, awake, breathing, needing to eat - but inside I am numb".

Furthermore, people requiring specialist treatment for conditions like personality disorders can wait up to 12 months or longer, putting that individual's life on hold.

"The petition has shown that there is an interest in the public more widely and putting forward a practical measure that can make a real difference in so many workplaces across the country".

He added: "Every suicide is a preventable death and we are determined to do everything we can to tackle the tragedy of suicide".

Qatar Airways has always been a strong advocate for promoting better mental health and wellbeing among its staff through its "Priority 1 - Your Health & Wellness" campaign.

Mental health researchers Dr Jo Robinson and Professor Patrick McGorry say that this rise in suicides is "devastating".

Theresa May has announced that Jackie Doyle-Price will become the UK's first minister for suicide prevention.

May has also pledged more support for mental health services for children and young people, as well as funding for the Samaritans' helpline - a confidential 24/7 freephone service.

"A healthy mind is every bit as important as a healthy body, but the stigma associated with mental health issues is often a huge factor is preventing those struggling, from seeking the right kind of help and support".

To raise global awareness of mental health issues and to stimulate advocacy, the World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October annually. Set up to create a positive shift in public attitudes towards mental health problems, Time to Change supports communities, schools and workplaces to open up to mental health problems; to talk and to listen.

It's estimated that one in six people in the United Kingdom will experience a mental health issue over the past week, with up to 10% of people in England experiencing depression in their lifetime.

Businesses might next need to look at training their employees to help each other when it comes to mental health, since 68 percent of managers feel there are barriers to them fully supporting the mental wellbeing of those they manage.

Responding to the report, Mr Hancock told BBC Radio 4's Today: "This is an improvement on what there was before and it is still way off where we need to be".

The economic and social cost of mental health problems in the United Kingdom amounts to more than £100bn every year.

"One key theme that emerged at the Summit was the importance of looking beyond mental health services and systems to community led responses. A joined up service to the age of 25 would support young people through the major transitions of life".

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