Three women claim sexual harassment by director Sajid Khan

MeToo Movement Actor Saloni Chopra and journalist Karishma Upadhyay accuse Sajid Khan of sexual misconduct

Subhash Ghai, Piyush Mishra face heat; Saloni Chopra accuses Sajid Khan

Only a while ago we told you that actress Saloni Chopra and journalist Karishma Upadhyay have accused Sajid Khan of allegedly harassing them. He then, further went on to insult her that he couldn't get a boner with her because she was that unattractive, while touching his genitals again. "It's been 7 years, and it's about time I said it out loud", Saloni wrote in her post. Slowly, he started calling at really odd hours. Only recently Aamir Khan made a decision to walk out of Mogul considering its director Subhash Kapoor is fighting a sexual harassment case by actress Geetika Tyagi. While talking the worse about his then-girlfriend, she alleged that Sajid would touch his genitals and ask her to touch them. "Appalled hearing multiple incidents of harassment and it is truly horrific to hear what these women have been through". Angry Sajid started commenting on her that he didn't find her sexy and pulled his trousers off showing dick and yelled "See?" It was about being his "little bitch" who does everything asked by him. "After that he asks me to strip for him bcoz there were scenes in a bikini and he needed to see how I looked". Maybe he will. But it would be up to him what he wanted and if I thought casting couch was just about a one time sex then I was foolish. He'll do things to me and give me orgasm and teach me the art of sex but maybe he won't actually put his d*** inside me. No one would cast me unless I was ready to be their "keep", Saloni writes. Sajid asked her to write a column for him, she started writing. When I went to his house the maid directed me to his room and the drawing room was empty! A journalist also issued a statement where she was called to Sajid's house for an "interview" where he only talked about his penis, flashed it and forced his tongue down her throat.

Twitter too blasted on Sajid for his behaviour.

However, Tanushree had called Twinkle out and told a leading entertainment news channel, "Thank you, ma'am, for supporting me but your husband (Akshay Kumar) is about to or is even shooting the film (Sajid Khan's Housefull 4) with Nana Patekar".

Earlier in the day, actor Akshay Kumar, who plays the lead in the film, requested the producers to cancel the film's shoot. In a post on Twitter, Sajid said he was taking the "moral responsibility" to step down till he can clear his name of the allegations.

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