Social, Economic Stress Blamed For Mental Illness Among Youth

Financial services jobs 44 percent more likely than average to cause stress-related mental illness

Lady Gaga Co-Writes Op-Ed on Suicide and the Stigma of Mental Illness

The World Federation for Mental Health created the day 24 years ago as a global platform for all nations to create awareness of mental health and issues associated with mental illness.

Dr Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of the Lancet medical journal, which commissioned the report, said it highlighted the "shameful and shocking treatment of people with mental ill health around the world".

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), half of all mental illnesses began by age 14 and worldwide 10-20 per cent of children and adolescents suffered from mental disorders.

Despite the millions of people who are affected by mental health issues, many of those suffering don't speak up because of the stigma that still exists. He further said that the psychiatrists in government cadre are available in each district hospital of State and soon, more psychiatrists would be recruited to provide mental health services at rural area of the State. "No one should be afraid to go for a mental health check-up or a mental health professional".

Urging the youth, the VC also said, "We must increase awareness against mental disease among the people to ensure proper development of our country; otherwise the development would be hampered". People living with mental illness in Australia are at twice the risk of early death and three times the risk if they live in rural communities. "The introduction of the first-aiders to Bouygues means that no matter where you are in the business, whether on site or at a desk, you have someone who is fully trained and skilled in dealing with mental health issues to chat to and try to dissipate the situation". "Most women are not victims of mental illness as they have an inherent capacity to handle stress more than men".

Seb Bowen has tackled the Three Peaks Challenge and is raising money for Young Minds, a United Kingdom charity which supports children and young people's mental health.

"Take social media, I think we've now got enough evidence and research into the impact of social media on mental health", he said.

They point out that mental health problems can affect anyone, irrespective of age, and early treatment can help in recovery. The emphasis is on improving physical health outcomes for people who experience mental health conditions and addictions. "We can all learn how to offer support to loved ones going through a hard time. we can all be a part of a new movement - including people who have faced mental illness themselves - to call on governments and industry to put mental health at the top of their agendas".

Dagg says stigma and a general lack of knowledge or resources stops people from getting the help they need.

Meantime, youth organizations were encouraged to step up and build linkages and partnerships with Sandilands to more effectively educate young people on mental health, substance abuse and disability.

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