Instagram To Use AI To Stop Bullying In Comments, On Photos

Instagram is now using machine learning to detect bullying in image uploads

Instagram's using AI to weed out bullying in photos, comments

First, it was anti-cyberbullying attempted in captions and comments and now, Instagram is rolling out a feature that will use AI to block off bullying photos and videos on the platform too.

According to the official announcement by the new head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, the social media platform is now making use of artificial intelligence/machine learning to track down harassment in photos and their text.

Still, Instagram is attempting to promote better behavior with a new "spreading kindness" campaign featuring teen dancer and actor Maddie Ziegler (of Sia music video fame), which encourages users to tag friends and spread a new camera effect with positive, uplifting sentiments.

According to a spokesperson, the new tech will be able to detect bullying in photos and captions.

What do you think of Instagram's attempts to curb online bullying? It will also be scanning the image captions and send them to their Community Operations team so that they can be reviewed.

The move will prevent users from posting defamatory notes as photos or images containing obscene, bullying or harassment-inducing content.

Mosseri was named Instagram's chief last week following the exit of co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

This feature has started to roll out and will continue to in the coming weeks.

Earlier this year, Instagram announced it would filter out bullying comments that aim to harass or upset users.

Starting Tuesday, the bullying comment filter will also apply to Live Videos on Instagram.

One can get the camera effect automatically by following Maddie. Your tagged friend will be notified as per usual, and they can then share this post to their own story, or "spread kindness" with a selfie of their own. And on switching to rear camera, you will see an overlay with kind comments in various languages.

From today, Instagram also provides a new function with filter that filters out offensive comments - now you can enable it during online broadcasts.

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