First poster for Disney's "Aladdin" live-action movie teases Genie's arrival

Image disney

Image disney

Will Smith gave the world a first look at Disney's remake of "Aladdin" on Wednesday and fans were divided.

Aladdin teaser trailer: This film is a live-action adaptation of the 1992 animated film.

Check out the first official trailer for Aladdin below! As we waited for Aladdin to rub the lamp and unleash Genie, the teaser comes to an end.

Smith, of course, has been tasked with bringing Al's iconic pal Genie to life - a role originated in the 1992 animated classic by the late Robin Williams.

Mena Massoud stars as the titular Agrabah thief who falls for the Sultan's daughter, Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott), and aims to use the three wishes granted by the Genie to woo her. But now we finally have the first teaser trailer released by Disney in the early hours of this morning. He captioned the post as, "LEMME OUT!??" With nothing else to go on, I'm not sure if I'm excited for not, but I would like to see Will Smith acting all insane as the Genie.

John August, whose credits include "Big Fish", wrote the new "Aladdin" script. Dan Lin, who produced Ritchie's two "Sherlock Holmes" movies for Warner Bros., is also producing "Aladdin" through his Lin Pictures company.

Opening May 24th 2019, Aladdin will be followed by another live-action Disney remake in July the same year as Jon Favreau is set to unleash Lion King.

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