Check out new footage from upcoming Joker movie

Check out new footage from upcoming Joker movie

New footage of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker leaks from the set

A story emerging today from TMZ has said that the Screen Actors Guild are getting involved after extras were allegedly locked on a subway vehicle for three hours and not allowed to leave. The production is accused of locking background extras in a subway auto and denying them bathroom breaks. The extras are said to have banged on the doors and windows of the vehicle for some time, before resorting to more drastic measures and urinating on the subway tracks from the small spaces between cars.

Eventually, the extras started banging on the doors asking to be let out to relieve themselves, but were reportedly kept inside - so, some of the actors started to pee through the spaces between train cars onto the train tracks.

"Joker" stars Joaquin Phoenix and is directed by Todd Phillips from a screenplay he wrote with Scott Silver about a failed stand-up comedian becoming a psychopathic criminal.

Warner also investigating the incident, TMZ reported.

Last month, filming began in New York City, and its set for release on the 34th of October, 2019.

Collider informs that a representative from SAG-AFTRA was sent to the set to resolve the situation, who will be monitoring Joker's set for the remainder of production.

Warner Bros. also informed the outlet that they will look into the situation.

The cast includes other names like Robert De Niro, Marc Maron, Zazie Beetz, and Brett Cullen.

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