Broadcasters Rod Allen, Mario Impemba won't return to Detroit Tigers

Mario Impemba and Rod Allen

Mario Impemba and Rod Allen

While the Detroit Tigers have a lot of work to do this offseason after barely winning 60 games on the season, there will be one change that is official.

After a late-season falling out escalated to a physical altercation on September 4, longtime Fox Sports Detroit broadcasters Rod Allen and Mario Impemba will not return next season, according to multiple persons with knowledge of the situation. The altercation reportedly took place over a chair.

At this time, there is no word on the replacement of Impemba and Allen.

Fox Sports Detroit and the Tigers have not commented on the departure of Impemba and Allen. But these ridiculous, blatantly false descriptions require me to speak the truth and say they are utter fabrications.

Matt Shepard and Kirk Gibson called the majority of games in Allen and Impemba's absence.

Allen and Impemba did call another Tigers game from that point. But if it is the end for Mario and Rod, this ends a almost 17 year association for the two with FSD. Neither have spoken publicly about the incident.

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