Overwatch's LEGO Bastion comes with a little bird and everything

The first Overwatch Lego figure is here, priced $25

This new Overwatch LEGO Bastion is great for Omnic fans

It doesn't feature the mechanical hero in his default state though with the LEGO set showing off Bastion's Omnic Crisis skin.

There has also been no indication from Blizzard or the LEGO Group if more sets will launch this year, or if this is the only early release ahead of the full wave's launch in January.

Despite the large, blocky nature of LEGO figures, there's a nice attention to detail, not the least of which is the inclusion of Bastion's small bird sidekick Ganymede, which is also in the Omnic skin. This model comprises of 182 pieces, including either a tile or sticker that denotes the set as a Blizzard exclusive.

Blizzard is teaming up with Lego to produce Overwatch sets, kicking things off with Bastion. The characters arms are movable, and it swivels at the waist, and of course, it comes with a sub machine gun for its right arm.

Blizzard said on the product page that Bastion is "only available in limited quantities", but has not specified how many there are. The kit is available for $25 online through the Blizzard Gear Store and it will also be at BlizzCon next month. How limited those quantities are is unclear, but if you're at all interested, we'd recommend picking one up now before your only option is eBay for three times the price.

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