Google's Home Hub is more like a Chromecast than an Android tablet

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Google has made its own version of the Amazon Echo Show. "It also generates quick actions for important features across your home with immediate access to key experiences like turning on and off smart lights, viewing your cameras, and broadcasting messages to your other Google Home devices, Google notes on its blog". Did I want to see a Google hub with Zigbee and/or Z-Wave radios?

What is Google Home Hub? Not only would this enhance the experience that customers already had using Google Homes, but it would be a direct competitor to Amazon's Echo Show and Spot. It also has soft rounded corners, and is created to sit on a range of surfaces, such as the kitchen counter or nightstand, according to Google. Both have seen some major upgrades over the years, but they're also still a work in progress. If someone walks up and rings your Nest doorbell, for example, the live video will automatically appear on the Google Home Hub. Like those, it features Google Assistant. It has a display and you can interact with the display, watch it, touch it and see more details. As more pictures of those people are added, Google will dynamically update the album on the Home Hub. Of course, you can still use voice controls as well.

GoogleWhat are the technical specs? And that's exactly what the Google Home Hub is all about.

The screen on the Google Home Hub looks great at 7-inches and really feels like about all you need. When you wake it up and say, "Good morning", it will give you the weather for the day, anything on your calendar, and more. As you can see from the image above, you can use it to guide you through cooking something. You can go through the ingredients and recipe steps, one by one, and Google Home Hub will save your place if you want to stop and multitask while doing food prep.

Additionally, Google has brought a tighter integration with Google Photos into the mix.

What I don't believe they'll get is the new Live Albums which merges Google's smart search with Google Photos. I was downright surprised at how small Google's hub is: You can literally hold it in one hand. And, when it's time for bed, it'll dim the screen. It brings a basic yet powerful set of controls for your smart home devices. Just swipe down from the top, and you can access all your rooms and devices. The app sorts all your smart devices as per rooms as well, and lets you control each of them in a simple manner. Rather than using one of the hardware platforms that Google certifies for other manufacturers, the Home Hub uses a processor from Amlogic.

I didn't hear as much low end as the Google Home delivers, but the sound was full and loud. It only costs $149, which is about what you'd expect. Aside from four color options, some unique features and some that will arrive on the competing products soon. I was told that at this time, the focus is simply YouTube Premium.

GoogleWhen will Google Home Hub be available? It'll be in stores from 22 October in the USA and UK.

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