Facebook launches first Electronic Device - Portal

Facebook Introduces AR Enhanced Video Calling Devices

Facebook launches Portal and Portal+ video call devices

Facebook is looking to take video calling to the next level with the AI-powered Portal and Portal+ devices.

Facebook debuted two video-chat devices, per an announcement.

Portal, and a larger 15-inch Portal+ model, have been launched by Facebook as a smart home device created to let users make calls to friends and family.

"To manage Portal access within your home, you can set a four- to 12-digit passcode to keep the screen locked". The first gadget is Portal 10.1 inches and the second gadget is Portal Plus size of 15.6 inches and the other side both come with the same custom processor and software, but couldn't look more different from outside.

Facebook's introduction of a device that peers into people's homes may make many consumers uncomfortable with the social network's repeated privacy scandals, including its biggest-ever data breach two weeks ago that exposed information of about 90 million users. Smart Sound minimizes background noise and enhances the voice of whoever is talking, no matter where they move.

Facebook Messenger is still the main feature of Portal, which uses that service to ring up your friends on the screen. It will communicate with Messenger-enabled smartphones and tablets.

While many users are skeptical about the new device, many aspiring artists, musicians, and entertainers stated that they believe the camera could have value and allow them to perform hands-free for their Facebook live audiences.

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant is preloaded on the devices, which have a camera to detect how many people are in a room and automatically zoom in or out to fit everyone on the screen.

"We made certain choices that even now our trial users are saying 'I want it", Rafa Camargo vice president of the Portal hardware team said per The Verge.

In addition, the microphones and the camera can be easily disabled, and if the user does not trust the mute button, then you can lock the lens with a special rubber cap. There is also a physical camera cover to prevent recording. The Portal device is being retailed for US$199, and the Portal+ for US$349. However, the waiting is now over since Facebook Portal is now available for purchase.

Mark Zuckerberg noticed that everyone is talking about how Facebook Portal is eavesdropping on their conversations and he chose to make the following statement: "Facebook Portal doesn't listen to, view, or keep the contents of your Portal video calls". To initiate the machine, you need to say, "Hey Portal" and it will start. "You can delete Portal's voice history in your Facebook Activity Log".

Portal and Portal+ are available now for pre-order in the United States - from Facebook, as well as Amazon and Best Buy - and will begin shipping in November.

Facebook is launching its first video-calling hardware devices, Portal and Portal +, that will help to connect with your family and friends, giving you the feeling to be in the same room even when you are miles away.

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