Teagasc publishes leaflet for Positive Mental Health Week

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The psychologist said nearly all human beings have the potential to develop mental health problems at one point or the other, "no matter how old, whether male or female, rich or poor, or the ethnic group they belong to".

"We all know that doing physical activities like swimming is good for our bodies". Whatever we do and whatever decisions we take, it is our mind which is constantly at work. "The youth are the future of our country and we need to act to prevent the devastating consequences of them losing their hope for the future", Seape said. Young people are witnessing violence and disasters on a regular basis and can be affected by these events around them and the consequences of these events can be long lasting.

Despite aims to cut waiting times, it can take a decade for many young people to receive help.

Several activities and initiatives are being organised today to mark World Mental Health Day. Opening up conversations across the globe, and focusing on what can be done to improve our understanding of these conditions and illnesses is what World Mental Health Day is all about.

It's held on October 10 on an annual basis. When it first started, there was no particular theme.

All attendees agreed that greater preponderance of people speaking out on their own mental health issues had played a massive role in influencing the culture around the condition.

The survey of more than 2,000 workers in the United Kingdom found that four in ten people (39 percent) are already using technology - such as online services, mobile apps and wearables - to manage stress, improve sleep and boost mental wellbeing; the number is even greater - 46 percent - among those who have experienced mental health issues. Adolescence can be a trivial time since there are a lot of changes in the body while they hit puberty, body image issues, and social media bullying.

It explained that in the last few years, attitudes to mental health have started to change. Other causes could be genetic factors as well as traumatic incidents in a teenager's life.

The Society has planned a walk commencing from the Piazza - where a number of groups will be raising awareness of mental health - down to No.6 Convent Place, where it will hand in a statement for the Chief Minister, with some suggestions for procuring better mental health provision in Gibraltar. It could be that they have entered college, have started a job for the first time or are living overseas alone.

"Some teenagers may actually pass verbal hints by talking about death and dying directly or indirectly, they may talk about wanting to die and begin to dispose of much-loved possessions, and they may write a suicide note. Other common disorders are Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Austism Spectrum Disorder and for young teens and adolescents eating disorders are also prevalent", she said.

In Broward County, where Parkland is located, the district is using part of the $6 million it received to hire 50 staff members - many of them counselors, psychologists and social workers.

The forum included an opening address from Queensland Mental Health Commissioner Ivan Frkovic, as well as presentations from researchers in the suicide prevention field, organisations that support at-risk individuals and their families and people with a personal experience of suicide.

People wanting to help a depressed teenager could suggest that they talk to an external party like a teacher, doctor or counsellor, and offer to go with them for support.

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