OUR TURN: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Caption H&M launch bra collection for breast cancer survivors Credit H&M Getty

Caption H&M launch bra collection for breast cancer survivors Credit H&M Getty

The Pink Patch project is a collaborative effort between public safety agencies throughout the nation to raise public awareness and money for breast cancer education, research, and treatment. "Less awareness about the disease, delayed diagnosis, and treatment are few of the reasons for low survival rates of breast cancer in India".

"We sold pink bandanas and handed out pink ribbons at school to encourage others to show their support and awareness of breast cancer", Reyes said.

"We are the only nonprofit in the United States exclusively focused on funding research seeking an earlier biological test for breast cancer; something that will identify the cancer in the body. We trust that our contributions have a part in helping both expanding awareness, and helping towards early detection".

"Everyone knows somebody or they themselves are a cancer survivor", said cancer survivor Pattie Stempka. Funds raised by the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative are granted into various Wyoming breast cancer programs and are also used to fund a statewide voucher program through the Wyoming Cancer Resource Services.

"I'll be with them", Smith said. It is about focusing attention on one of the deadliest forms of cancer in America and the world. The tumours ca e detected in a mammogram even before it can be felt as a lump.

At the Kirkland Cancer Center, Nori Pigue, a Breast Care Nurse Navigator, says there are sometimes misconceptions about age and family history.

Susan G. Komen® is the largest nonprofit funder of breast cancer research, after the US government. The average risk of breast cancer for an American woman is about 12 percent, or a 1 in 8 chance. "I am truly so grateful for them". On Thursday 4 October at nightfall, the Prince's Palace of Monaco, the Conseil National de Monaco, The Yacht Club, the Monte-Carlo Casino and Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo began to shine with bright pink lights, in a gesture of support for victims of breast cancer.

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