Navy mum's tweet causes son global humiliation

Mom mocked for accusing 'radical feminists' of making her son too scared to date

'That was my Mom': Navy mother's #HimToo tweet backfires badly

'He graduated #1 in boot camp.

May this serve as a lesson for all moms (and dads!) who want to brag on their adult children online: Please make sure they're down with what you want to say before you hit the tweet button.

Hanson's mother had tweeted a picture of him in his uniform and, in the process, turned him into the unwitting mascot of #HimToo.

He told the Post he is an ally of the #MeToo movement and, unlike what his mom told the world, he's not afraid to go on dates alone.

A U.S. mother's attempt to support her son accidentally resulted in the trending hashtag "HimToo", but initially for all the wrong reasons.

"It doesn't represent me at all", said Hanson, who is studying entrepreneurship with plans to open his own brewery. He doesn't go on solo dates with women because he doesn't know if they're alive or not. I respect and believe women.

"Sometimes the people we love do things that hurt us without realising it", he wrote, alongside a photo of himself recreating the pose in his mother's original tweet. "I VOTE #HimToo", the tweet with a picture of Haley Joel Osment from the film "The Sixth Sense" read.

And, uh, it turns out Mom did not exactly clear her tweet with Hanson before she sent it out.

Supporters of the #MeToo movement also criticized the tweet Hanson's mother posted.

The #HimToo hashtag was, until recently, full of timely reminders that men like Terry Crews and James Van der Beek have also suffered from sexual assault, until being hijacked during the confirmation process of alleged abuser Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

'Let's turn this around.

"I feel bad for what Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family have gone through, but I am glad the left has been exposed for their dirty tactics".

He also tweeted that he told his brother, who wasn't on Twitter, to sign up, which Hanson did on Monday using the handle @Thatwasmymom. "I love my mom to death, but boy".

Pieter's brother Jon Hanson joined in on the commentary, calling their mom's message "ridiculous".

"When I was in the Army my mum once called the Red Cross because she hadn't heard from me in a week", he said. "My little brother is a cancer survivor".

The self-described "proud navy vet, Cat Dad and ally" then complimented the efforts of Twitter users who shared amusing memes, saying, "Your meme game is on point", also using the opportunity to promote the Navy on his official Facebook page. "He's an incredible person, and he's my personal hero", he said.

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