Microsoft Unveils An Xbox Games Streaming Service For Mobile Devices

Microsoft looks to take Xbox experience onto mobile

Microsoft reveals Project xCloud games streaming service - Industry - News

At this stage, Project xCloud is not open to the public, but Microsoft has started some internal testing. The company has not revealed any information on its pricing, texture and how it will work with your save data (or not) if you also play games on an actual Xbox. It is now the turn of Microsoft to enter into the dance with xCloud service, Cloud gaming.

Project xCloud aims to offer video games enthusiasts, regardless of whether they play on PC or console, the opportunity to devote themselves to their passion anywhere and anytime.

Billed as a "multi-year journey" for Microsoft, the project will see games hosted and streamed from the 54 datacentre regions that make up Azure, giving the initiative a global reach into 140 countries, it is claimed.

Microsoft has announced its own online game streaming service: Project xCloud.

It also only streams to a handful of Sony devices or a PC, and requires a £50 wireless Sony controller to play games if you don't have a PlayStation 4.

Compatibility with existing and future Xbox games has been enabled by building out custom hardware in Microsoft data centres. On this front, a new approach is being taken, with a game-specific touch input system that would provide the best possible response in a minimal footprint, so as to keep the option to play without a controller available and appealing.

Last June, on the occasion of the conference Xbox E3, Phil Spencer recalls that the players would soon be able to play any game, anywhere, on any medium. Microsoft's Project xCloud could make it happen. Gaming giants are therefore looking forward to incorporating streaming technology which is projected to be the future of gaming. The tech is expected to hit public beta in 2019.

"I may think that some saying the future of gaming is 100% streaming are looking to reclaim the % royalty now paid on content purchased via digital storefronts more than delivering an improved consumer experience". The goal is to deliver high-quality experiences at the lowest possible bitrate that work across the widest possible networks, taking into consideration the uniqueness of every device and network.

The team at Microsoft Research are working towards creating ways to curb the latency with the help of advancement in networking topology and video decoding and encoding.

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