Google Unveils Pixel 3 Phones, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub

Google announces Home Hub – its Echo Show and Facebook Portal competitor

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With Google's new Live Albums feature, also available on Home Hub, you can "enjoy a constantly updating stream of photos of the people and pets you care about and skip blurry ones and duplicates", Bonner wrote.

Despite rumors, Google did not announce new wireless Pixel Buds at the Tuesday event. They are set to be launched on November 1.

When it comes to performance and speed, the Pixel 3 XL and regular 3 are certain to be some of the best in the business. The fact that it's more expensive than both of these options might or might not matter depending on whether there are enough people looking for that specific middle ground.

The phones mirror an industry trend toward lusher, bigger screens and add twists on the camera for better pictures.

Google introduced its new Pixel 3 smartphones yesterday alongside a host of other hardware and software products. That's in stark contrast to the Echo Show, which allows you to take pictures or host video calls with other Echo devices, or even the newly announced Facebook Portal that seems nearly entirely focused on video calling.

That defines the balancing act for Google, eager to finally make a dent in the premium phone market. With the base not only color-matching the display, but also adopting more of a felt-like material similar to what's found on the Home line in general. This meant that they were not a commercial success in India, and one analytics firm estimated in August that only 80,000 Pixel 2 phones had been sold in India since launch. Instead, Google uses software to mimic that effect.

Users can also add animated stickers to photos that imitate the expressions of the subject.

Unlike nearly any other phone on the market, Google has kept a single-lens camera on the back of the two Pixel phones.

When Google had demoed Google Duplex, it showed a voice assistant call a hair salon and book an appointment on behalf of a customer.

It also uses what Google calls Custom EQ, a preset audio mode which has allegedly been tuned by one of the world's leading sound engineers (although Google won't say who). Callers are warned that they are talking to a robot and that a transcript would be made.

A new feature called Top Shot uses AI to capture alternate shots in HDR+ and then recommend the best one from the sequence, which you can flip through and select a photo from yourself. I'll test the Google Pixel 3 to see if it can knock the Note 9 out, but the iPhone XS Max couldn't. "It's mostly about convenience here".

As usual, the Pixel phones focus heavily on Google's search engine, maps, digital assistant and YouTube video service. There's also a sizeable chin to be had, which is interesting considering Google's claims of an edge-to-edge display. Google declined to address that further Tuesday, though executives emphasized privacy and security throughout the event in NY.

Once again Verizon is the "exclusive" carrier for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in the U.S. That's, of course, a bit of a misnomer because that exclusivity only reaches as far as buying from a carrier goes.

The Google Home Hub carries a 7-inch screen, an equal size to the first-generation Amazon Echo Show, but around three inches smaller than the Echo Show's new model.

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