Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle with exclusive in-game content launching in November

Fortnite teases Quad Launcher as next weapon

Fortnite Is Getting A $30 Physical Edition On Switch Courtesy Of Warner Bros.

Epic Games has teamed up with Warner a worldwide distribution partnership to bring Fortnite to retail as the Fortnite: Deep Freeze Bundle. Interactive Entertainment to deliver a special bundle.

The collection releases on 16th November, and that same day players can purchase these new cosmetic items digitally through the store, but if you want to save some space on your console as a new player, and get some bundled in cosmetics, it's not the worst purchase you could make. Entitled Deep Freeze, this bundle settles well into the holiday theme and provides players with a number of unique, winter-related cosmetics. And while the Spike Arena Trap, which was also found during that September 6 datamine, made its way into the game since then in the form of the Spiky Stadium, the Quad Launcher hadn't been mentioned much. There's also the cosmetics - a skin, a pickaxe, a glider, and some back bling, all decked out with the Deep Freeze's arctic camo vibe.

The best item that comes in the bundle is the Frostbite skin. Will you be grabbing a copy of this bundle to get stuck in? Plus, players are getting $10 dollars back in in-game currency. For example, new challenges will go live later this week, and week 3 challenges have already leaked.

Although it'll be making its Battle Royale debut soon, the Quad Launcher isn't a new weapon to Fortnite.

Fortnite is available now in early access for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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