EU Council adopts conclusions on climate change

A loaded coal train pass through the outskirts of Singleton in the NSW Hunter Valley

A loaded coal train pass through the outskirts of Singleton in the NSW Hunter

In December 2015, when governments adopted the Paris Agreement, they invited the IPCC to prepare a report on the warming of 1.5ºC in 2018, when nations review the Paris Agreement at the 24 Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24), to be held in Poland this December.

The report underscores the urgency of this Agreement and its ambitious target.

"Today we have underlined again that the European Union will continue to lead the way in global action on climate action". That change has contributed to sea level rise, the melting of Arctic sea ice, coral bleaching of ocean reefs and ocean acidification. The Council adopted conclusions on climate change that emphasize the unprecedented urgency, which is needed to step up global efforts to avoid the risky effects of climate change. She described the collaboration among the authors from a variety of natural and social science field as an innovative aspect of the report, saying "different groups of scientists worked together as an interdisciplinary community to deliver society a message grounded in scientific evidence".

Drought, flooding, extreme heat, increased poverty.

Farmers for Climate Action chief executive Verity Morgan-Schmidt said the government needs to have a fully-funded national strategy on agriculture and climate change.

"From 2005 to 2017, U.S. CO2-related emissions declined by 14 percent while global energy-related Carbon dioxide emissions rose by 21 percent during the same time", White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walter said, according to The Hill.

The report has received a lukewarm response by Australia's center-right government.

Ireland's seventh president has also previously called for the nation to reduce or eliminate its meat consumption.

"But it has not been very easy to get support for carbon taxation and things like that because it is asking people in counties like ours to pay now for the benefit of those 50 years in the future as well as other parts of the world". Since glaciers are a "critical resource" for tourism, they might affect this sector, though the report notes "limited analyses of projected risks associated with 1.5° versus 2°C are available".

"Findings issued today by the world's preeminent climate scientists urgently underscore the need to dramatically step up global action against climate change", Bob Perciasepe, president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, said in a statement. The Supplementary Material for this chapter includes a table titled "Overarching adaptation options".

European Union environment ministers also reiterated the bloc's commitment to the Paris Agreement and implementing ambitious policies.

It added that in 12 years" time a 1.5 degree target may be unattainable unless an "unprecedented' conservation effort is instigated.

"Farmers are committed to farming sustainably into the future", she said.

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