Free flu shots offered October 10

Flu Season Means Return Of Flu Vaccines

Calgarians will be able to get FREE flu shots this month

An estimated 900,000 plus were hospitalized, the public health agency said.

Chicago was not spared.

Flu season, the period of highest influenza activity, normally begins in early October and ends in late May. That's more than double the previous season, during which 275 were admitted.

Area emergency rooms, including Stroger Hospital's, were inundated with sick patients.

Some others say they don't bother with the flu shot because it's not effective. Delivery of supplies of certain flu vaccines to GP practices and community pharmacies will be staggered between September and November.

With last year's high number of patients, changes were made to the vaccines for this season.

Plum Landing believes the flu shot is important enough for seniors that they schedule a provider to come in each fall so that residents don't have to go out for the vaccine. CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine as the best protection against seasonal flu viruses. And, according to Brown, contrary to popular belief, getting the flu vaccination does not make someone more likely to get the flu. But nowadays, there are so many flu vaccine options you might feel like you are ordering off a menu.

Of those 16 deaths, the state only knows the vaccination status of 11 of the children, and 10 of those 11 who died were unvaccinated.

"This year, they have two different types of vaccines available", said Hartman. In a few days, you will recover. According to the CDC, the 2017-2018 flu season was record breaking with more than 900,000 hospitalizations and more than 80,000 deaths.

"As a physician, I am well aware of how serious influenza can be", said Secretary of Health and Human Resources Daniel Carey, MD. "You help prevent the spread of flu to others". "Don't wait - get the vaccine for protection now", Dr. Lofy said.

"The records of deaths were more startling", said an October 4, 1918, report in the Chicago Daily Tribune. "Seventy-six deaths were ascribed to influenza and forty-three to pneumonia during the thirty hour period".

All clinics will be held at the Health Department (137 East Avenue, Norwalk), and no appointment is necessary. Church pastors did the same before their services.

Officials say they want to see vaccination numbers increase, just a portion of the campaign's focus that also includes providing flu prevention strategies and educating adults on when to consult a doctor if symptoms occur.

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