Philippine President's Fiercest Critic Arrested, Posts Bail

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV gets his mugshot taken at the Makati Police Station

Senator Antonio Trillanes’ IV gets his mugshot taken at the Makati Police Station

THE Makati City RTC Branch 150 on Tuesday formally reopened the rebellion case against Trillanes as it granted the Department of Justice's motion for the issuance of an arrest warrant and a hold departure order against him.

A Philippine court issued an arrest warrant against an opposition senator on Tuesday, nearly a month after President Rodrigo Duterte revoked an amnesty granted to him in 2010.

"Talagang nakakadismaya na itong ating hudikatura ay tumiklop sa pressure nitong diktador na si Mr. Duterte", Trillanes said.

After Alameda handed down the order for Trillanes' arrest on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., Trillanes surrendered to Makati police under its Chief Rogelio Simon and National Capital Region Police Office Director Guillermo Eleazar.

Judge Elmo Alameda of Branch 150 issued a warrant of arrest on Tuesday but set the bail at P200,000 - the same amount granted to Trillanes in 2010.

The senator lamented that "essentially, we no longer have a democracy, but I was advised to post bail [so] we will go with the arresting officers no matter if there is no basis".

Duterte has been highly sensitive to criticism, especially over his anti-drug crackdown that has left thousands of mostly poor suspects dead since he took office in mid-2016.

Trillanes has backed several complaints to the International Criminal Court (ICC) seeking the president's indictment for crimes against humanity and has protected people willing to testify against Duterte.

The senator has been holed up at the Senate for three weeks after Duterte revoked the amnesty granted to him by former President Benigno Aquino III in 2011.

He also questioned the voiding of amnesty since granting it is shared power between the president and Congress. Trillanes has proved to be one of Duterte's most vocal critics, accusing the president and his son of large-scale corruption and involvement in illegal drugs, which Duterte has denied. Trillanes has strongly denied the president's claims and has provided news reports and defense department documents to counter Duterte's claims.

Human Rights Watch said Trillanes's arrest "is part of the persecution of critics of the Duterte administration, the latest in the relentless campaign to silence those who dared to challenge the president's murderous 'drug war'". Trillanes and other critics of government.

Along with De Lima, Trillanes is Duterte's loudest critic telling AFP previous year: "This man is a sociopath and he has the mindset of a hitman".

Duterte has also accused Trillanes, without offering evidence, of plotting with other opposition politicians, including the Liberal party and leftist groups, to oust him. Trillanes and opposition groups have dismissed the claim as a lie and asked Duterte to focus instead on addressing poverty, inflation, rice shortages, traffic jams and a decline in the value of the peso currency.

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