Tiger Woods' flawless response to those who doubted he'd never win again

Can Bjorn lead Europe to victory at Le Golf National

Can Bjorn lead Europe to victory at Le Golf National

It was closing in on 6 p.m. ET and NBC's cameras were picking up extraordinary images - hundreds, maybe thousands, of people swarming behind Tiger Woods as he made his way to the 18th green at the Tour Championship on Sunday.

Finding a partner for Woods was always a challenge for successive US captains for various reasons but this time, with Woods back after missing the previous two editions, there is likely to be a longer queue with their hand up than in previous years.

On Monday Woods and the rest of the US team landed at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport ahead of starting preparations for the 42nd Ryder Cup.

Woods' chemistry with these younger players is at an all-time high right now and can't help but be an edge for the U.S. team. I am very happy for him and extremely proud of him.

Bjorn also spoke warmly of Woods, and what he brings to the sport.

"I spent 25 years playing professional golf with Tiger Woods on the scene, and any time he does anything great, that's a story and that's where we want to see him", Bjorn said Monday.

80 in Tiger Woods' PGA Tour career wasn't a major championship, but it might be just as memorable. "So for everyone in golf, it's brilliant".

As for each other's teams, both captains were effusive ahead of the Friday start.

Furyk's players are well aware that the Americans have not won a Ryder Cup on European soil since 1993. Is it extra motivation?

If you follow Skratch TV, which was launched by the PGA Tour in 2015, you know they cover the lighter side of golf, creating memes and humorous videos. It's part of that home advantage that Europe will have this week and that's something my players have to respect but hopefully they enjoy.

So how much money did everybody make who played at the Tour Championship?

"We were on the ground by 12.45 and a nice police escort to the hotel, so guys are there, settled, trying to get ready for the week", Furyk said.

"We'll go out and do what we can and play our game".

"Achieving big things obviously takes a bit out of you but they will carry themselves through this week because they're top athletes and this is what they've been looking forward to probably the most all season".

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