Metro PCS gets a new name and two new unlimited plans

T-Mobile rebrands prepaid line to emphasize network coverage

T-Mobile revamps prepaid brand to spruce up image

Today, weve finally seen a major change since T-Mobile acquired MetroPCS way back in 2013.

Importantly, Keys said T-Mobile initiated its MetroPCS rebranding effort roughly a year ago-prior to the April merger agreement between Sprint and T-Mobile-and that the rebranding will move forward regardless of whether the merger is successful.

This type of phone plan is common in Europe, but has often played second fiddle in the U.S. Metro, however, has grown significantly since it merged with T-Mobile, from 8.8 million customers in 2013 to 18 million today. The top-tier plan starts at $60 per month for a single line and grants 15GB of LTE mobile hotspot data, Google One and Amazon Prime. As you would expect this service still runs on the T-Mobile network. However, its not clear if Metro will begin to offer finance options or subsidized pricing or if customers will have to plop down a huge sum of cash for the latest device.

The $50/month unlimited plan still comes with just 5GB of LTE mobile hotspot, but now you also get Google One included for free.

As part of the campaign, Metro also announced deals with Google and Amazon to offer customers on some plans access to Google cloud storage and an Amazon Prime account. Considering that the regular membership costs $119/year, paying for it via your phone bill is just more convenient in our eyes.

Metro by T-Mobile launches next month with two new plans that include some noteworthy perks. T-Mobile says theres a common misconception of prepaid networks in the USA market which are synonymous with crappy phones, limited coverage, and bad credit and it hopes that Metro will put these misconceptions to rest.

Metro by T-Mobile's base plan will start at $30 per month with taxes and fees included and offers 2GB of LTE data and mobile hotspot usage from your LTE data. But the change in name isn't the other thing that's being altered following the rebranding.

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