New Death Stranding Trailer Debuts At TGS 2018

Death Stranding's TGS Trailer Has A Cool New Character Voiced By Troy Baker

Brand New Characters And Gameplay Revealed For Death Stranding

Kojima Productions simply can't resist showing off Death Stranding, and as part of its TGS 2018 stage show, it's put up an 80 second clip introducing Troy Baker's character, who's aptly known as "the man in the golden mask".

Here's the latest footage, straight from the 2018 Tokyo Game Show. Even though the reveal trailer didn't show any gameplay, a naked Norman Reedus, weird babies, unusual oil, and floating creatures, all combined with a haunting soundtrack, ensured it was the talk of the conference. It features a man in a golden mask, a huge Bloodborne-esque dog creature, and video game voice-over veteran Troy Baker.

While the new trailer doesn't reveal any other new characters, Kojima Productions did reveal another prominent character in the story, Sam's (the protagonist, played by Norman Reedus) boss, who for the moment is unnamed, but is portrayed by Tommie Earl Jenkins. He previously worked with Kojima on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, providing the voice of Revolver Ocelot. This trailer just makes us more excited to see what this fascinating game will have to offer, though, and we surely hope that the release date is not as far off as it seems.

Death Stranding is in development for the PlayStation 4. According to director Hideo Kojima, the project's still coming together in a timely fashion, although a firm release window has yet to be announced.

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