The airline notably embarrass with the inscription on the plane

No Fs given Cathay shared the typo on Twitter

No Fs given Cathay shared the typo on Twitter

Cathay Pacific is bringing a newly-painted aircraft "back to the shop" after a huge spelling mistake that would likely cost thousands of dollars.

A number of travellers pointed out the misspelling at Hong Kong International Airport and shared photos of the plane, which was branded "Cathay Paciic" (without the f), on Facebook.

"It comes back to the shop!", - said in a tweet Cathay Pacific. The company conducts airline operations principally to and from Hong Kong.

The airline first engaged Salesforce for its digital overhaul as a Sales Cloud and Service Cloud customer in 2014.

The company was able to laugh at itself, though, tweeting: "Oops this special livery won't last long!"

An engineer from Haeco, a maintenance company and Cathay Pacific subsidiary, told the South China Morning Post that the error was "too on-point".

The plane came to Hong Kong from Xiamen in China and has been part of the fleet since 2004, according to the Guardian.

"The airline and travel industry is being disrupted, and we need to be ready for the customer of the future-the digital natives and those with a digitally-savvy mindset and accompanying expectations", said Paul Loo, chief customer and commercial officer at Cathay Pacific.

He added, "There should be a blank gap in between letters if it was a real mistake".

Social media users saw the amusing side, however.

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