Aaron Rodgers set to practice again on Saturday

Aaron Rodgers Concerned Knee Will Get Worse Over Season

Rodgers concerned knee issue will get worse

Asked if he was anxious about making his injury worse, Rodgers said: "Obviously that's a concern".

Rodgers suffered the injury in Week 1 and wore a large brace in Week 2.

The day after the penalty, the National Football League doubled down and said not only was it the correct call but that the hit would be included on a teaching tape sent to teams this week along with a penalty from earlier in the same game on Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks for hitting Aaron Rodgers.

"I'd love to be better than I was last week as far as health-wise, but there's some factors that are out of my control".

"Hopefully he'll get out there tomorrow and have similar work to last week and then roll right into the game". The former Eastern Michigan quarterback went unselected in this year's NFL Draft but signed a deal with Cleveland before getting released by the team in April.

Rodgers said his knee still isn't "100 percent" and he's making adjustments to mitigate the risk of further injury. I think you've got to handle different types of formations and if you show your hand you've got to be sound in what you do. If you give him time to move around and buy time, and find a second, third option, or fifth or sixth option because he's scrambling around, he's going to dice you up. Late in the game, Matthews was called for roughing the passer on a play where Kirk Cousins threw an interception. Him and (Green Bay Head Coach) Mike (McCarthy), they communicate and they have a very good offense that is based upon Single-I and Double-I. "So we'll see how the team responds out of this format that we're in today".

The other major injury of concern is to cornerback Kevin King, who dropped out against the Vikings because of a groin injury. They'll be, there's a number of players obviously, there's players that have played a lot of reps the first two weeks.

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