South Africa's apex court legalizes marijuana consumption for adults

Supporters of the legislation of marijuana celebrate after the Constitutional Court ruled that the personal use and growing of marijuana in South Africa is legal Johannesburg South Africa 18 September 2018

South Africa legalises cannabis use

The top court ruled an adult can cultivate cannabis in "a private place" as long as it is for personal consumption in private.

The case was originally three different cases from people who faced prosecution for using weed, which was then bundled into a single case by the High Court. Dealing is still illegal. The internet showed its joy in memes.

The initial ruling by the Western Cape High court still left the legality of it in question, but this ruling now by the constitutional court makes it very clear that it'll soon be perfectly legal to use marijuana at home.

Critics, however, fear that relaxing laws on its use can lead to drug abuse and other crime-related activities. His judgment decriminalized some, however, not the use of marijuana in public, or marketing.

The court emphasized that unconstitutionality was only to the extent where those specific sections prohibit the use, possession, purchase or cultivation of cannabis by an adult person in a private dwelling for his or her consumption. Now all that has changed, because the country's highest court, the Constitutional Court, has declared the substance legal, the BBC reports. We are saying that cannabis is a very valuable natural resource for the people of South Africa and that we should be using that resource to advance the causes and the desires of our people. The court noted that law enforcement would continue to consider circumstances like the quantity in an individual's possession when determining whether or not the possession was for personal use. This rule requires criminal law provisions to be clearly formulated so those subject to them know ahead of time what they may and may not do.

The matter initially brought before court by Dagga Party leader Jeremy Acton and Rastafarian Garreth Prince, landed in the country's highest court following Judge Davis's judgment a year ago that provisions in the act unjustifiably limited applicants' rights to privacy. Uruguay became the world's first country to legalize weed, in 2013, and even North Korea allows the sale, consumption and cultivation of cannabis.

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