Official iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Battery and RAM Details Revealed

Marcio Jose Sanchez  AP

Marcio Jose Sanchez AP

Apple did eventually post the betas for the new phone, so it isn't an issue that's likely to last a long time, but it could be a problem if your new iPhone XS or XS Max arrives at 8:00AM and the betas aren't posted until later in the day.

Apple quietly discontinued a few older iPhones to make room for the new models.

The iPhone Xs and Xs Max launch tomorrow, and while we expect a flood of teardown videos to land once the phones are finally out on shelves, the first one was actually published today.

Those waiting times are shorter than previous year when the iPhone X went on sale.

Souza has more than 2 million followers across Instagram and other social media sites, so its clear as to why Apple gave a device to him. The Chinese smartphone maker started handing out power banks to potential iPhone buyers. You don't have a separate one anymore. That's what appealed to Li Jun, who works for a trading company in Guangzhou and travelled to Hong Kong to pick up an iPhone XS for HKD 9,899 ($1,265). This was the case with the iPhone X as well, but a year ago Apple used two batteries arranged in this position.

The original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S all had screens that measured 3.5 inches.

The iPhone XS additionally includes extra 30 minutes on the battery life than the last release, iPhone X, while the iPhone XS Max's battery is expected to last an hour and 30 minutes more than iPhone X. The iPhone XS is also more waterproof than the past models.

Apple also debuted the "affordable" iPhone XR, which starts at $749 and sports a 6.1-inch "liquid retina" display.

Lots of people loved the larger screens of the iPhone 6-era phones, but plenty of customers who preferred the smaller designs anxious about the eventual retirement of the iPhone 5S, the last remaining iPhone with a 4-inch screen. But those looking for the latest Apple Watch aren't so lucky.

The technology just isn't available to create a flawless augmented reality headset, says Apple's chief.

It's not the first time Apple has had competition from Huawei, which surpassed the iPhone maker to become the world's second biggest phone seller in July.

As of now, you can no longer buy an iPhone SE directly from Apple.

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