Naughty Naughty! Google Apologises For Fiddling With Battery Settings Without Consent

Google случайно запустила тестовую функцию

If you wish Google is able to remotely manage smartphones and tablets

Some Android 9 Pie users were surprised last week when they discovered their phone's Battery Saver feature had turned on by itself.

'This was an external experiment to test battery-saving features that was mistakenly rolled out to more users than intended, ' Google wrote on Reddit.

Google has issued an apology to the smartphone users on Reddit who reported on Thursday that their battery-saving settings were turned on without their knowledge or consent. Nevertheless, those who have been affected by this change are those using the latest version of Android (9.0 Shrike) and have a Pixel, Pixel 2 as well as other devices partner as the Essential Phone or the OnePlus 6. "As expected when battery saver is activated, my Global Positioning System became unusable, the Lyft app stopped updating and I ended up looking like a fool with a POS phone, who can't find his way around", he said.

According to an answer by Google's Pixel team on a Reddit post, it was caused by an internal experiment.

The company has rolled back the battery saver settings to the default state, with users able to set their own preferences again. Google said that they had reversed the action and that users were again able to reconfigure their phones to the previous settings. While most devices these days switch on the battery saver mode automatically when the battery percentage drops to a certain level, a new report revealed that a few Pixel owners noticed the Battery Saver feature seemingly switched on even when the device was 'almost fully charged'. Google hadn't notified users of any changes due to occur, so what happened exactly?

Google has apologised overnight through their official account in the PixelCommunity subreddit.

We know that Google and Apple can force updates or make changes remotely to iOS and Android, though these are meant to protect users in emergency situations.

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