Microsoft announces AI and mixed reality business apps for Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s Remote Assist is coming under the Dynamics 365 umbrella

Microsoft’s Remote Assist is coming under the Dynamics 365 umbrella

With its first two business apps built in-house for use with HoloLens, Microsoft is taking off the training wheels to bring its mixed-reality headsets into mainstream use - and finding a new differentiator for its software suite that competes with its customer relationship manager (CRM) rival Salesforce. In the run-up to next week's Ignite and Envision conferences, it's also extending its business applications with Mixed Reality (MR) capabilities on HoloLens. "If you can democratize the use of AI tools, every company can harness the power of AI".

Microsoft has just announced new applications for its HoloLens augmented reality goggles aimed at making the device more business-friendly.

Microsoft yesterday announced a trio of AI applications that will be available in public preview as the next release of Dynamics 365 starts rolling out in October.

"The new "Dynamics 365 AI" offering are a new class of AI applications that will deliver out-of-the-box insights by unifying data and infusing it with advanced intelligence to guide decisions and empower organizations to take informed actions", wrote Taylor. The boost to Dynamics may be felt first by its existing customer base - it seems far-fetched that large companies would quickly change their calculus about a CRM tool based on such announcements alone.

Previously Chevron was required to fly in an inspector from Houston to a facility in Singapore once a month to inspect equipment.

For instance, Dynamics 365 Remote Assist allows workers wearing HoloLens to get real time remote help from subject experts while they are on the site.

Chevron's adoption of HoloLens in production wasn't a direct effect of its wider-ranging cloud partnership with Microsoft, the company says, but did help accelerate adoption through the sharing of engineering expertise and Chevron's familiarity with Azure and Dynamics 365, both of which are used by HoloLens' apps. The new application can improve customer relationships with actionable web and social insights to help marketers engage in relevant conversations and respond faster to trends.

Branded Dynamics 365 AI, the new features are a clear response to Salesforce, which launched its own AI features under the decidedly catchier brand Einstein back in 2016. What that end user really needs is a system of empowerment, not oppression ... Instead, it has restricted this announcement to the core CRM applications of sales, service and marketing.

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