Health department urges flu shots

Public Health Solutions offers tips on flu vaccines

Health Officials Say Now is The Time to Get Your Flu Shot

"The best way to safeguard yourself from the serious health risks posed by the flu virus, is to quite simply, get vaccinated", said Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente Jr.

Health care facilities are getting stocked with the flu vaccine, which is recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older. People are advised to get shots now as the vaccine takes two weeks to start working.

The flu shot can keep people from getting sick with the flu and it is shown to reduce the severity of illness in those who get vaccinated but still get sick.

A 2017 CDC study found that the flu vaccination significantly reduced a child's risk of dying from influenza.

Some school districts, such as in Palm Beach County, have already started social media campaigns to spread awareness of the coming flu season and have begun programs to offer shots for children.

Flu viruses are rapidly changing, and it's tough to make a highly effective vaccine against it.

Abbi Berg, vaccines for children program manager with the North Dakota Department of Health's immunization program, said she is aware of some pharmacists and health care providers now offering the flu vaccine, but efforts typically ramp up after October 1.

Last year's flu season was particularly rough, Lynch said, which is one reason why you shouldn't wait to see how severe this season will be.

"Once we get older, our immune systems don't work as well, so by giving them the higher dose, it's supposed to boost the immunity better".

The vaccine is considered the best available tool in fighting flu, but it's not flawless.

The CDC is recommending getting your flu shot as early as possible, even though the flu season is not in full swing yet. The peak of flu season comes sometime between December and February, but the season can last as late as May.

[1] Survey was conducted in the United States by The Harris Poll on July 12-16, 2018, among 2,020 adults ages 18 and older. The vaccine is good for one year.

Vaccines are specifically created to protect you from the flu without exposing you to a virus that will make you sick.

Of the 227 deaths reported past year over 100 were adults age 65 or older. In order to get the nasal spray vaccine, however, you need to meet some criteria.

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