B.C. firefighters battle a fire tornado

MC Schidlowsky

MC Schidlowsky

Watch as a tornado made of fire pulled a firefighter hose 100 feet in the air before melting it.

"Fire tornado destroyed our line". It threw burning logs across our guard for 45 minutes and pulled our hose 100 plus ft in the air before melting it, ' mar.lowsky wrote, adding that it's like nothing she'd ever seen during her time working with the emergency services in Canada. "That's definitely a first", Schidlowsky writes in the post.

The video was captured August 19 near Vanderhoof while crews were fighting the Chutanli Lake fire.

A B.C. firefighter captured video of what appears to be a fire tornado sucking up a hose.

Clearly, in the footage, you can see fighters attempting to reel the hose back in, to no avail, due to the strength of the high winds.

For some B.C. residents it may seem like the wildfire season is over for this year, but fire crews are still battling blazes across the province.

MC Schidlowsky posted a clip of the burning vortex on Instagram, showing just how brutal the swirling weather system that sucks in debris and combustible gases can be.

Skrepnek said fire whirls typically start at the ground and move upward as high winds and intense heat combine to form eddies.

The phenomenon that spins a funnel of flames, ash and embers into the sky is well known to firefighters and also goes by the names "fire whirl" and "fire devil.", They mimic meteorological whirlwinds or dust devils, and are actually more closely closer related to those phenomenon than to actual tornadoes.

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