You can now share your Switch game downloads across consoles

Image source South Park

Image source South Park

The launch of Nintendo Switch Online this week adds a few new features to the year-old console, including an array of NES games, cloud backups for some titles, and co-operative gaming.

Nintendo Switch Online has been discussed from the official reveal of the console in January 2017 when it was planned to launch that autumn. Users with foreign accounts - notably, Japan - can also download those versions of the application and play the games with Famicom box art. "When using downloadable software on a non-primary console, your game will pause if your Nintendo Account is used to access downloadable software on any other Nintendo Switch console", Nintendo writes.

Nintendo uses the terms "primary console" and "non-primary console" to label your devices, with only Switch allowed to be listed as the former. You can download your content to non-primary consoles, but you can only play that content while that Switch is connected to the internet. Outside of the fact that it is necessary to access Nintendo Switch Online later today, it also brings us the ability to share digital games across to other consoles.

The subscriptions cost $4 / £3.50 for one month, $8 / £7 for three months, and $20 / £18 for 12 months-which you can pay for with My Nintendo points if you prefer.

A family membership is also available for $34.99 United States dollars that allows up to eight Nintendo Account holders to access Nintendo's new service.

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