A Look Behind the Scenes at 'The Walking Dead' Season 9

How AMC Plans To Keep The Walking Dead Franchise Busy For Another Decade

New Details Emerge for AMC’s ‘Walking Dead’ Expansion, Including Movies & More

Citing unnamed sources, the news organization reports that AMC is talking to "several large media companies about partnering on the projects" and that that it could cost "several hundred million dollars".

Though it might not be drawing in quite the same enormous ratings as its heyday, The Walking Dead and spin-off Fear The Walking Dead are still big earners for United States network AMC in terms of both income and attention. The network has a 10-year plan to pump out several Walking Dead movies that would then be spun-off into new TV shows.

The Walking Dead will never die.

The company, which owns the popular zombie-apocalypse series, plans to produce multiple movies and new TV shows based on the graphic novels that spawned the series, according to people familiar with the plans.

As it enters its 9th season, The Walking Dead shows no signs of slowing down. The latter was one of the spearheaders behind turning AMC into an original programming juggernaut, and there's a very good chance he could be responsible for another network or streaming service's boost in popularity, if this Walking Dead scenario bears fruit. No details were given at the time, but it appears the network's general Walking Dead strategy has come out, and basically, it involves branching out however it can, wherever it can.

Former Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple was announced in January as chief content officer for The Walking Dead and its prequel Fear the Walking Dead, and will mostly likely be overseeing development of different projects as part of the possible 10-year plan. So while there is definitely some Walking Dead fatigue among the fanbase, one that hasn't fully embraced Fear as much as its parent series, overall the property is still going strong. Interestingly, Gimple has talked in the past about bringing the Walking Dead stories to another country for the first time, and that is reportedly one of the bigger ideas for this expansion.

Season 9 of the show kicks off on 7 October in the USA and 8 October on Fox here.

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