Wanda Smith's Husband Pulls Gun on Katt Williams

Police: Katt Williams threatened with gun by Wanda Smith's husband outside comedy club

Police investigate incident involving Katt Williams, V103's Wanda Smith

After Katt Williams' roast of Atlanta radio show host Wanda Smith went viral, the Emmy Award-winning comedian claimed that Smith's husband pulled a gun on him for the comments. Sellers admitted to having a gun, but told authorities that the gun dropped out of his waistband when he was chasing Williams.

"I am not playing victim", Smith said of the interview. Wanda fired shots at Katt over his hair and arrest record and that's when the gloves came off. Katt started going in about her weight, her looks, her wig, and her cooking skills. Sellers says that while he did chase the comedian into a store, he didn't point a gun at him; he says that the gun merely "fell out". "It threw me off". The interview itself went viral, with many finding Williams' responses humorous.

On Sept. 17, Smith addressed the incident on "Frank and Wanda in the Morning".

She didn't say whether her husband pulled a gun on Williams, but she did reveal that the two of them had a meeting on Saturday before the altercation. Smith said that she was not prepared to get into a roasting session with Williams.

Several reports have alleged that Wanda Smith's husband pulled up on the controversial comic and pulled out a gun on him.

Cops say there were no independent witnesses and surveillance footage from the Atlanta Comedy Theater could not be accessed at the time.

Sellers told the officer he approached Williams and chased him into Food Depot, then left and returned to the Atlanta Comedy Theater.

We are an upscale comedy club and employ in-house security as well as off-duty officers at every show.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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