Marvel May Have Loki and Scarlet Witch Series For Disney Streaming Service

Loki Thor Ragnarok Tom Hiddleston

Loki, Scarlet Witch, Other Marvel Heroes to Get Own TV Series on Disney Streaming Service (EXCLUSIVE)

In a bombshell move, Disney will expand upon some of its most popular characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with its forthcoming streaming service Disney Play. This possibly puts Netflix's Marvel shows at a disadvantage - all the might of the Marvel/Disney empire could be going towards the Disney Play Marvel shows, leaving the Marvel Netflix titles out in the cold.

Variety notes that plans for the shows are still in early development, but that these likely will be the versions of the characters seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the actors who have been portraying the characters in the movies reprising their roles. They will likely remain, produced under the Marvel TV brand, while the Disney Play shows will be considered the property of Marvel Studios. Per Variety, "each series is expected to include six to eight episodes", with Marvel Studios producing and Kevin Feige rumored to be heavily involved in the process. Streaming is the future, and Disney is exhausted of letting Netflix get all the glory. It is reportedly due to launch at the end of 2019; details on subscription pricing has yet be announced. And what of Netflix's Marvel shows? Netflix, its main rival, has 125 million subscribers globally and has lured top talent like Ryan Murphy ("American Horror Story"), Kenya Barris ("Black-ish"), and Shonda Rhimes ("Grey's Anatomy") to its platform with record-setting deals. Marvel TV Studios and Disney have been active with shows that include ABC's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and Netflix's "Daredevil", but sources say those shows will stay under Marvel TV banner with these limited series set under Marvel Studios.

Neither project has a writer at this time. As though that weren't enough, the report claims the streaming service will serve as a home to series for other MCU characters that have yet to appear in their own solo films. With so many streaming services to choose from, it's clear that consumers are getting picky when it comes to deciding where they'd like to spend their hard earned dollars. Most important, it gives the service something that will attract comic book fans and represents the type of content Netflix would love to get its hands on.

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