Holdup Emerges in Browns-Patriots Trade for Josh Gordon

Watch Patriots show off Josh Gordon Tom Brady hype video

Watch Patriots show off Josh Gordon Tom Brady hype video

Though the Patriots' trade for the Browns wide receiver was posted on the league's transaction wire Tuesday afternoon - effectively making it official - Belichick continuously said that the deal wasn't completed during his press conference Wednesday morning at Gillette Stadium - which is how he answered questions about Gordon during both a radio interview on Monday and his conference call with the media Tuesday. Their statuses throughout the week should indicate whether or not they'll be ready to go.

The Patriots have made the move in hopes that Gordon can provide some significant help their passing game that has notably struggled over the first couple of weeks of the season.

"We're at the same place with him that we were yesterday, so we're in the process of working through it", Belichick said. Last year they traded for Brandon Cooks but Cooks was let go this year after he didn't seem to fit into what the Patriots expected. The Patriots' official website also lists Gordon on the roster.

Reporter: "Did you have a chance to meet with him?". While this all does depend on Gordon, his hamstring is reportedly alright and he should be playing Sunday against the Detroit Lions. Since those reports, the Patriots and Browns have announced the trade.

"If and when it happens, I'm happy to talk about it", Belichick said. So I don't understand how you don't understand that. Right now, it's not completed, so, next question. The old saying of "the rich get richer" certainly stands true here, and one of the top Super Bowl contenders just added a new weapon for Tom Brady. "It's a process and when we're through the process, great".

Belichick realizes that it will take some time for Gordon to pick up the offense, but the team now possesses a highly talented wideout that could help them push toward competing for yet another Super Bowl as a key piece to the offensive game plan.

Shortly after the press conference, Pelissero reported that the Patriots and Browns were still tinkering with some of the language in the deal pertaining with the return for Gordon.

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