Heinz could be about to bring Mayochup to the UK


"#Mayochup is here" Heinz

The rest of the world is about to discover something Idaho has known about forever.

"After seeing the unprecedented passion surrounding this product, including the almost one million votes on social media and 500,000 votes in favour of bringing it stateside, launching Mayochup in the US was a no-brainer", Nicole Kulwicki, director of marketing for Heinz, said in a statement. A fierce debate ensued.

According to a press release from the brand, there are already three cities Heinz thinks will be big contenders in the polls based on responses to the poll that brought mayochup stateside. Other Mayochup dissenters didn't want a third condiment bottle in their fridge when they could just combine ketchup and mayonnaise on their own.

After a social media frenzy that left the Internet divided in April, Heinz is officially debuting "Mayochup" sauce in the United States. However, they still want fans to weigh in on one more issue: Where it will go first.

Heinz says from now through Tuesday, September 18, you can vote on which city will get to try Mayochup first.

The available cities include Culver City, California; Brooklyn, New York; and Chicago, as well as a third option to name your city. The votes are in and Mayochup is here.

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