Hannah Gadsby Is The Comedian You'll Be Talking About Tomorrow

Hannah Gadsby has got us thinking about jokes again

Hannah Gadsby has got us thinking about jokes

Still, Gadsby's reception before and after the event was anything but subdued, as big time fans spoke of their appreciation of her work - particularly the comedy special Nanette. "That's why I'm presenting alone".

The victor, Stephen Daldry for The Crown, was not in attendance which led to unintentional comedy as Gadsby awkwardly exited the stage.

'Nobody knows what jokes are these days, especially men. "So I'll just leave now", said Gadsby before awkwardly and hilariously backing away from the stage.

Since the release of her Netflix special, Gadsby said she has been on the receiving end of criticism of men who don't think she is amusing.

"Probably because of me. I think we have a moral obligation to take privilege off people and spread it around".

Several viewers and critics commented on how the comedian made a more lasting impression in her short appearance than the show's hosts, Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost and Michael Che. Some were even calling for Gadsby to host the show next year.

Watch the clip above, because, as always, Gadsby's delivery is what really sells this.

"Move to restart this telecast with Hannah Gadsby hosting?" echoed The Hollywood Reporter television critic Daniel Fienberg.

And after the event, Gadsby also palled around with history-making nominee and early-leaver Sandra Oh. "I'll admit I didn't know who Hannah Gadsby was before she came out to present at #EmmyAwards2018 but I will definitely be searching for any of her standup specials now".

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