Tourists injured after rockfall at popular Greek beach

Cliff collapse on Greece's 'shipwreck beach' injures tourists

One injured after rockfall at pristine beach in Zakynthos

Seven people were injured yesterday when a landslide sent rocks crashing down on to a Greek beach packed with tourists.

Tourists board a boat at the beach Navagio following a rockfall, on the island of Zakynthos, Greece September 13, 2018.

A government statement said a 34-year-old Czech woman had been hospitalised with a fractured vertebra, while her husband and two children sustained light injuries.

Seven people were injured on Thursday after a part of the cliff overshadowing the beach gave way. According to the Associated Press, the incident began when a large chunk of limestone fell from a cliff into the ocean, creating a large wave that caused several small boats to capsize. O'Connell described the chaos, with families scrambling to rush to safety on the boats in the bay.

"So far, we haven't found any trapped people but we will continue searching", said one official with the local fire brigade, Reuters reported. She said they heard an "almighty cracking sound" as the sheet of rock crashed down onto the beach, flooding the busy beach and capsizing boats. Rescue services employed sniffer dogs to search the beach itself for possible victims of the rockfall.

Authorities evacuated and shut down access to the beach, which can only by reached by boat, as a precaution.

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