Game Freak’s New IP Town Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019

Game Freak Town

New RPG By Game Freak Called Town Is Headed To Switch In 2019

Town appeared as a part of last night's rescheduled Nintendo Direct, not to be confused with SMP's 2012 simulator, Towns.

Fight against attacking monsters and restore peace to a small village in Town.

Every now and then however, you have to try something new, and that's where the currently titled game (working title, may change before release), Town comes in. Town is a chance for Game Freak to show they can do something really different, and I hope it succeeds. Fortunately, villagers with unique abilities occasionally help the player protect the place, while digging deep to uncover a mysterious secret that the village has been hiding.

Game Freak has based Town on creatures that are antagonistic in nature, therefore, serving as a threat to you as a player and your village. It seems that you are the - or one of the - town protectors who is tasked with defending the village against whatever may come.

Besides TOWN and countless Pokémon titles, Game Freak has also developed such games as Tembo the Badass Elephant, Pocket Card Jockey, HarmoKnight, and Drill Dozer. But it's certainly quality over quantity, so we're best waiting to see what Game Freak has in store.

Game Freak has will release their newly announced RPG in 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

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